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“You have to eat ’em to save ’em.”


tamworth pig

The little tamworth might just light up your taste buds…

We’ve added a 2nd Swine & Dine to accommodate the high demand!  Join us on Wednesday, December 4th!

Yikes! A recent letter to the editor called us on the carpet for our plans to serve a heritage breed pig – a Tamworth pig raised by SVF Foundation – for our upcoming “Swine & Dine” Heritage Series Dinner on November 21, 2013.  They labeled this endeavor “the height of insensitivity” and asked what would be next “a California condor or a manatee?”


What the writers didn’t understand was heritage breeds like the Tamworth pig are not wild endangered animals facing extinction because their habitat is threatened or they’re falling prey to poachers. Rather, they are out-of-favor farm animals no longer bred for food.  Farmers don’t raise them because other breeds are easier / faster / cheaper to raise.  The result? Fewer and fewer breeds, less variety in our food and the likelihood that we will lose all but the most profitable livestock animals in our food chain.  This could be a big problem if something bad happens to that last remaining breed.

You can read more about this problem and what SVF is doing about it in this blog post detailing our spring visit to the farm.  But for now, consider this:  This little Tamworth breed is in danger because we DON’T eat it, and you might really like it.  So come to our Heritage Dinner on 11/21 or 12/4 to give it a try.  If you like it, SVF might raise more. In fact, they are planning to sell some this season, and that might help keep this breed viable as a food source.  Wouldn’t that be great?


Coq au Vin – Tavern Style on 9/25/13!

“Coq au Vin isn’t chicken cooked in cheap red wine: it’s rooster cooked in something good enough to drink.”


coq au vin

SVF Coq au Vin paired with Cameron Hughes Cote du Rhone.

Our upcoming Heritage Series Dinner on 9/25/13 will feature a rooster-less Coq au Vin with a local twist:  Heritage Breed White Rock Hens fresh from the SVF Foundation‘s Farm off Ocean Drive. Farm fresh RI ingredients and Chef Rich’s formidable culinary skills promise a culinary tour de force upstairs at The Tavern. We have a few seats left, and we hope to see you there!

Coq au Vin brings back lots of happy memories for me.  I grew up in a French family, and my grandmother, Florence Proux Mathieu, daughter of a Canadian mill owner, made a mean Coq au Vin. In the 50’s – the heyday of Julia Child and her infamous chicken preparation – all the moms attempted coq au vin, but none could match the slurpy goodness of Flo’s dish.

One possible exception was my old neighbor, John Barrett. Every fall John, who never cooked anything else, would announce he was making coq au vin.  It was his signature and only dish, and it attracted an intriguing collection of friends who ate, drank and ruminated about how this year’s batch compared to last. The anticipation was almost as good as the dinner.

On Wednesday, White Horse Heritage Dinner guest speaker, Catherine Zecker of Cameron Hughes, will pair a 2011 Cote du Rhone with Chef Rich’s coq au vin. According to this Wine Spectator video, Catherine and Julia are on the same page when it comes to pairing wine with this classic French dish.
So join us for a little French / American comfort food and wine on Wednesday, September 25, 2013. Click here for details and call 401-849-3600 for reservations.

If you can’t make this one, no worries!  There are two more:

Whiskey Business – Thursday, October 24, 2013

Swine & Dine – Thursday, November 21, 2013

Get Your Cheese On, Here at Lunch!


Call 401-849-3600 for the Gourmet Grilled Cheese of the Day!

On April 15th we released our new dinner and lunch menus for the Spring and early Summer. Although winter had gone, our taste for gooey crunchy goodness never left us. That crunchy, buttery, and creamy taste haunted us like the supposed spirits of our 350 year old building. There was one outcome, one decision that seemed to make sense……..We decided to continue our gourmet grilled cheese and roasted tomato soup for the next season.

The original was thick cut french bread, Atwells Gold, Fontina, and Swiss cheeses layered with a fresh herb blend and griddled with cultured butter. Crispy, creamy, and just the right amount of savory to satisfy any cheese lover for lunch. But for us, that wasn’t enough. We needed the flexibility and creativity to pair our every day ingredients to satisfy even the toughest foodie. That is how the gourmet grilled cheese of the day was born to our menu. Everyone has done it, everyone claims to best, so we decided that they had to be special, something a chef would eat his or herself.

As a chef, playing around with different tastes is an important part of how I do my job. The following are a sampling of the gourmet grilled cheeses that we’ve offered over the past two weeks:

      • Pulled Short Rib with Atwells Gold and Veal Demi on Thick Sliced Rye.
      • Thick Cut Cranberry Pecan Loaf slathered with fresh made Apple Butter and Great Hill Blue Cheese
      • Butter Grilled French Baquette with tomato, fresh basil pesto, and smoked mozzarella
      • Waygu Beef Patty Sliders with Porter Cheddar and Caramelized Shallot
      • Thick cut Rye, Gruyere Cheese and our Sauteed Mushroom Blend (Pioppini, Maiitake, King Oysters, Blue Oysters, Golden Oysters, and Honjimejis)

Needless to say, creating and tasting all of these has added a few extra pounds and quite a few minutes each day to the treadmill, but the satisfaction of how fast they’ve taken off is worthwhile. For those that want to add a little health, there is always the option to substitute a side of tossed greens. The offerings change daily or at least every couple of days, so stop down for one soon, or give us a ring to find out which one we’re running today. Remember, we offer a comfortable non-pretentious environment for you to enjoy any meal, snack, or beverage. Jackets are never required, but your comfort is……….see you soon.

Holiday Traditions? Easter Favorites? Make the White Horse One of Them!

One of the best things to look forward to during each holiday season is being with family and getting that special time to relax, to forget work, drop all the stress, be with those you love and celebrate traditions.  At the White Horse Tavern these are all things we try to help with.  Whether we have a larger family of 20 requesting a private room for Christmas Eve or a newly engaged couple coming for their first Thanksgiving, we try to make each and every holiday something to remember.  With Easter a week away, we have already been getting special requests for our fireside tables, private rooms, flowers being delivered and so on and so on.  These are all things we are happy to cater to.
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Gluten Free at the White Horse? Why Yes!

Our Gearges Bank Scallop is Gluten Free and right off the menu!

Our Georges Bank Scallop is Gluten Free and right off the menu!

With healthy eating and severe dietary allergies, there is a growing call for gluten free items on restaurants menus. Some feel when they dine out that there are no options to accommodate their needs. Fear not, most restaurants have gluten free options within their regular menus and we at the White Horse Tavern are one of them. While some restaurants like ours adopt the “no substitution” policies to maintain the signature of a dish or cost, discussing your allergy needs with a server is paramount for the kitchen accommodating you. The following is a list of items presently on our menu that are gluten free:
Soup of the Day 90% of the time (ask our server)
Petit Lettuces
Caesar Salad without the croutons
Pan Roasted Clams without the grilled bread
NE Cheese Tasting without the crisps
House Cured Gravlox
Escargot without the grilled bread
Chilled Gulf Shrimp
Georges Bank Scallops
Domestic Lamb Loin Chop
Steak Fritte with Au Poivre Sauce
Pork Rib Chop
Petit Filet
Stuffed Breast of Chicken without the sauce
Roasted Beet Risotto
Crème Brulee
Berries and Dark Chocolate

As you can see, there are a lot of options to choose from and chances are that our specials may include a gluten free item as well. Communication with us can make or break your experience and definitely decrease the likeliness of any mistakes causing an allergic reaction. The Spring/Early Summer menu with be our shortly, look for the flour-less chocolate espresso torte for dessert.

Thanks for making us your dining home away from home.  Chef Rich