Get Your Cheese On, Here at Lunch!


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On April 15th we released our new dinner and lunch menus for the Spring and early Summer. Although winter had gone, our taste for gooey crunchy goodness never left us. That crunchy, buttery, and creamy taste haunted us like the supposed spirits of our 350 year old building. There was one outcome, one decision that seemed to make sense……..We decided to continue our gourmet grilled cheese and roasted tomato soup for the next season.

The original was thick cut french bread, Atwells Gold, Fontina, and Swiss cheeses layered with a fresh herb blend and griddled with cultured butter. Crispy, creamy, and just the right amount of savory to satisfy any cheese lover for lunch. But for us, that wasn’t enough. We needed the flexibility and creativity to pair our every day ingredients to satisfy even the toughest foodie. That is how the gourmet grilled cheese of the day was born to our menu. Everyone has done it, everyone claims to best, so we decided that they had to be special, something a chef would eat his or herself.

As a chef, playing around with different tastes is an important part of how I do my job. The following are a sampling of the gourmet grilled cheeses that we’ve offered over the past two weeks:

      • Pulled Short Rib with Atwells Gold and Veal Demi on Thick Sliced Rye.
      • Thick Cut Cranberry Pecan Loaf slathered with fresh made Apple Butter and Great Hill Blue Cheese
      • Butter Grilled French Baquette with tomato, fresh basil pesto, and smoked mozzarella
      • Waygu Beef Patty Sliders with Porter Cheddar and Caramelized Shallot
      • Thick cut Rye, Gruyere Cheese and our Sauteed Mushroom Blend (Pioppini, Maiitake, King Oysters, Blue Oysters, Golden Oysters, and Honjimejis)

Needless to say, creating and tasting all of these has added a few extra pounds and quite a few minutes each day to the treadmill, but the satisfaction of how fast they’ve taken off is worthwhile. For those that want to add a little health, there is always the option to substitute a side of tossed greens. The offerings change daily or at least every couple of days, so stop down for one soon, or give us a ring to find out which one we’re running today. Remember, we offer a comfortable non-pretentious environment for you to enjoy any meal, snack, or beverage. Jackets are never required, but your comfort is……….see you soon.