Holiday Traditions? Easter Favorites? Make the White Horse One of Them!

One of the best things to look forward to during each holiday season is being with family and getting that special time to relax, to forget work, drop all the stress, be with those you love and celebrate traditions.  At the White Horse Tavern these are all things we try to help with.  Whether we have a larger family of 20 requesting a private room for Christmas Eve or a newly engaged couple coming for their first Thanksgiving, we try to make each and every holiday something to remember.  With Easter a week away, we have already been getting special requests for our fireside tables, private rooms, flowers being delivered and so on and so on.  These are all things we are happy to cater to.

Being a restaurant with a smaller staff, we try to make each holiday just as special as if it were with our own families.  We meet before the doors open, go over the menus, tend to the dining rooms, and make everything perfect for each guests arrival.  For this Sunday we will be doing just that once again.

duBreton Pork Rib ChopOur menu itself features some of our traditional favorites like the beef wellington as well as some of Executive Chef Richard Silvia’s brunch specialties such as the lobster benedict to tantalize everyones taste buds and ensure a perfect meal.  We know that one of the first things we look forward to is being able to taste the new concoctions and specials the Chef puts together before each service.  This way everyone from support staff to waitstaff knows what each dish is like to help explain or suggest based on every persons preferences.

Generally for Easter Sunday, the only thing kids think about is how big their basket will be but to the White Horse Tavern, its about keeping with every family’s tradition and making great memories.

photo 1

Toby and Megan joined us newly engaged for their Thanksgiving dinner this past November. Unfortunately, they left behind some very important letters from their family upon finishing their meal and came back a few hours later to see if anyone found them. No one could recall any letters being left so about 5 of the staff members went looking through the trash and old linen to finally find them at the end of the night. This letter is a thank you from them and we couldn’t be happier to have helped save their night.